Umaru Fofana, a well-respected freelance journalist known for his insightful coverage in Sierra Leone, has delivered a poignant message to the nation’s leaders.

Speaking from a deeply personal perspective, Fofana emphasized the transient nature of power and wealth, urging leaders to embrace humility and prioritize the collective good over personal gain.

The day we realize that we’ll all die someday will be the day we stop playing God,” Fofana remarked, highlighting the importance of acknowledging human mortality as a catalyst for ethical governance. He underscored the impermanence of power and wealth, urging leaders to prioritize societal improvement and equal opportunity for all citizens.

Reflecting on a somber anniversary, Fofana recalled the funeral of former President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, which took place a decade ago. He noted the presence of current and former leaders, including President Ernest Bai Koroma and Vice President Samuel Sam-Sumana, at the ceremony. Fofana lamented that despite the solemn occasion, the lessons of mortality and collective responsibility seemed to have been forgotten by those in positions of authority.

In a critique of the religious practices of Sierra Leone’s leaders, Fofana questioned the impact of sermons delivered in churches and mosques attended by politicians. He challenged religious leaders to be courageous and honest in their teachings, urging them to hold leaders accountable and advocate for ethical governance.

Directly addressing those in power and their supporters, Fofana issued a stark warning about the fleeting nature of worldly possessions and influence. “We are all here for a short while,” he cautioned, reminding leaders that their accumulated wealth and authority are transient. He called upon them to reflect on their legacy and prioritize the well-being of the nation over personal gain.

He emphasized, “To those who are in power today and are playing God – and their supporters who are prepared to go after anybody who holds a dissimilar view to theirs, let me tell you this: we are all here for a short while. The (ill-gotten) wealth that has gone into your head will only last for a short while, just as your being here on earth.”