Umaru Fofona Reacts as Sierra Leone is Missing From 2022 Ranking of Countries With Most Beautiful Women

Sierra Leone BBC reporter Umaru Fofana has reacted to the latest 2022 ranking of countries with most beautiful women. His reactions to the list is as a result of Sierra Leone missing among others.

The 2022 list for ranking of countries with most beautiful woman was sourced from the African Women Magazine. Among the countries that were ranked and their rank rate are:

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Latest 2022 Ranking of Countries with the most Beautiful Women

1. Ethiopia🇪🇹
2. Rwanda🇷🇼
3. South Africa 🇿🇦
4. Uganda🇺🇬
5. Tanzania🇹🇿
6. Kenya🇰🇪
7. DR Congo🇨🇩
8. Zimbabwe🇿🇼
9. Ivory Coast🇮🇪
10. Nigeria🇳🇬
12. Burundi🇧🇮
13. Swaziland🇸🇿
14. Liberia🇱🇷
15. Morocco🇲🇦
16. Egypt🇪🇬

Source: African woman magazine

BBC reporter Umaru Fofana on seeing the ratings, reacted to this by saying “Someone somewhere has no idea whatsoever about women from Sierra Leone, Guinea, Gambia and Senegal. Probably apart from the top two, I disagree with almost all the rest listed there.”

According to Umaru, Ethiopia and Rwanda are confirmed cases when it comes to beautiful women as they are known for having damsels that resemble angels. The remaining rankings at the bottom were in the mind’s eye of Umaru Fofana, doubtful as the African Women Magazine could go this far to exclude a whole country, Sierra Leone, filled with angels on Earth.

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  • Morie | 2022-05-14 13:44:23
    Am strongly with umaru on the disagreement with the writer. How can Sierra Leone miss out with soo many beauties in every corner...its a joke...
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