One of the giant mobile companies in Sierra Leone, Africell is all set to transform 82 Sites in different locations in Sierra Leone with solar energy.

This significant infrastructural development for the giant company was made by no-less person but the Managing-Director (MD), Mr. Shady Gerjawi, a Lebanese national. Mr. Shady made this disclosure while addressing pressmen in Freetown.

According to the MD, the Company is poised to making sure that it changes or transforms all of its sites from being powered by electricity to solar power, which is now becoming the order of the day in the world. Shady, indicated that the Company wants to ensure that it protects the environment and citizens from artificial degradation of the society.

The MD, informed pressmen that the main reason the Company wishes to transform its 203 sites is essentially to forestall ‘climate change’, which is seriously affecting the country, and the the world at large.

One of the major issues disturbing the world nowadays is Climate Change issue. This has drastically reduced the omission of Carbon-dioxide by 500 tons which is translated into 20,000 tons,” he noted, adding that 20,000 trees were equally saved due to the strategic measures the world is putting in place to avert climate change disaster in the globe.

Shady disclosed to pressmen further that Africell’s new year’s (2023) target for its sites is to ensure that all of them are transformed into ‘hybrid energy’; noting that with the transformation of their sites into hybrid energy would significantly help save the environment from climate change disaster. The astute MD noted that one of its companies role to the society and its customers is to make sure that they are protected from man-made disasters.

Our offices have been powered by an uninterrupted and reliable clean energy for a sustainable solar energy in the country,” he indicated.

He further stated that the company has over 527 solar energy panels to execute the plan the company has to change all its sites into a hybrid system (solar energy), while disclosing that these 523 solar panels will provide 427W, 3 Inverters with a capacity of 60kw each.

Shady noted that at the completion of the hybrid project, will help to preserve and protect the environment better than it is now, saying that a total of 344,668kwh would be produced by these hybrid sites annually.

In another development, the MD disclosed that his company has also provided a quantum of tricycles (kekehs) to a team of female-riders in the country.

He stated that all of these kekehs use energy to get them moved from one destination to another.

Shady disclosed that Africell has been the first and only mobile network company in the country that has empowered a good number of women folks with kekehs which do not use fuel for them to move.

The MD closed by stating that the company’s initiative to transform all its sites into hybrid or solar energy, is basically to catch up with the UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals, adding that the company is not even concern about the money but, the great opportunity it will provide for customers and the society at large.