As he celebrates 4 years of dedicated service as elected ward councilor, Ambassador Unisa Totti Fofanah sends powerful and touching message to the people of Port Loko city.

On addressing his people, he said

Today, the 16th of May 2022 is a very significant date in Political history of Port Loko City and the District as a whole, as it marks the official date for the inaugural ceremony of all Local Council Elected officials in 2018. Meaning today is exactly four years since I was given the mandate to serve as Ward Councillor among the first set of Councillors. I was elected in a Multi Member of Five Councillors in the 2018 general elections under the All People’s Congress- APC. I was very lucky to defeat opponents of other Political Parties hands down, and emerged with the second highest votes in Councillorship race among others in Port Loko City. History has it that, I have placed my self to be the Youngest Personality who has ever contested and Elected on National polls to Represent the people of Ward 235 Port Loko City. Currently, I am considered as one among the Youngest Political Figures in Sierra Leone (Ward Councillor). It is on this background that I deem it very timely and necessary to pen down this message in celebration of my four years of Dedicated Service as a Ward Councillor.

“Therefore, I want to seize this golden opportunity to thank the Almighty God for giving me the courage to pursue in such path that provides the space to contribute to Community Development. My unreserved appreciation to the All People’s Congress-APC for trusting me with the party symbol which qualified my aspiration to run for such Position among others. The journey that started like a dream, that which many couldn’t believe it is possible for Young People to lead in Positions of trust and authority is today becoming a shocking reality. I owe it to all those who have supported and anchored their beliefs in me, and this serves as a major factor that increases my determination to build a very strong foundation for the Effective Represention of what is happening today in the aspect of providing a dedicated & innovative leadership to the people of Port Loko City.

At this moment of our Political dispensation, I want to proudly state that my coming in to Politics have inspired many people especially Youths, because I have succeded in breaking the barriers, cutting the chain and narrowing the gap that indeed Youths can be better Leaders if given the Opportunity to Serve and the needed Support. I am sure by the coming general elections we will have more Youths that will run for elected positions at all levels and in all Political Parties especially in the APC. One of my biggest Motivation and Vision to run for the 2018 Councillorship Position is to prove beyond all reasonable doubt there are Young People who can still be better Leaders for Societal Development. Today, I felt fulfilled to be seen as a reference point and example for Aspiring Young Leader’s considering where and how it all started with me.

“The start of my Political journey was very hectic and discouraging because of the high level of Pulling down syndrome about my Age, the Lack of Finance and the naive thinking that Young People should not be placed in Positions of Authority. In all this tough and rough moments, I was able to stand the test of time to be Elected. Currently, I am in the records as one among the most Performing Councillors in Port Loko City, Northwest Region and the country as a whole. The lesson of my Councillorship is to preach to every Youth that: Our Background should not be the reason for our Back to touch the Ground. For me, I am ever determine and deeply committed to explore any given opportunity to push more for the Rapid Development of Port Loko City, because I always bent on the fact that the Responsibility to Develop Port Loko City is in our hands.

The people of Port Loko City, I thank you for electing me but I equally want to reveal that Councillorship is the most difficult Position in the Governance System of Sierra Leone considering what we are expected to offer and what is available for the work. This is a sad reality that needs to be addressed by providing Councillors with Ward Development Fund’s so that we will fully become responsible for developing our Communities. For me, I have been able to strive hard within the circle of collaboration to deliver beyond the expections of a Ward Councillor. In my tenure as a Ward Councillor, one of my biggest Achievement is the establishment of the: Bai Bureh Heritage Foundation Sierra Leone- a Youth-Led Organization that Seeks the Promotion of Youth Empowerment and Community Development. In this direction, I have been able to change alot of Narratives with the support of my team and other like-minded people and Institutions at home and abroad. May Allah Continue to Bless you Aboudantely for the good thought of supporting and developing our People. Councillorship is more of Advocacy and Lobbying to provide the required services for people and their communities, this I have been able to exhibit in all this four years. Being Elected is a great Responsibility to Serve the People. As leaders we also have to account for our Achievements either by community engagements or through the media. To start the ball rolling, I have Released a Brochure Highlighting my Developmental Interventions as a Ward Councillor. Hardcopies of this Printed Brochure is currently hitting the Public Space while I am looking forward to realease the online Publication for the benefit of those residing out of Port Loko City. My personality have been described by many as a Social Development Innovator, a Youth Empowerment Ambassador, a Community Development Activist and the People’s Advocate. I am a Young Leader that is embedded with a great vision to transform the lives of People and their Communities through the conserted efforts of many. Lastly, I want to seize this time to crave the indulgence of Indigenes and well wishers to focus on the bigger picture of developing Port Loko City. I have a Vision to Make Port Loko City a More Develop Zone- If you Give me More I will do More. God Bless the APC, God Bless Port Loko City and God Bless S/Leone.”