Statistics Sierra Leone has been selected by the United Nations Statistics Division for a new Italy Funded Project Data For Now Initiative.

The potential embedded in the on-going digital mid-term census implemented by Stats SL has started revealing itself even before the conclusion of the census.

Given the awesome availability of disaggregated data at the level of every locality in Sierra Leone after the digital census, Stats SL is poised to revolutionize the timely production and dissemination of credible data for national development.

It’s not surprising then that Prof. Osman Sankoh COR (Mallam O.), Sierra Leone’s Rapporteur of the United Nations Statistical Commission was approached by the UN in a Special Invitation for Sierra Leone to be among the first members of the Data for Now initiative.

The Data for Now initiative aims to support participating countries in leveraging innovative sources, technologies and methods for the streamlined production and dissemination of more timely and disaggregated data for sustainable development.

It also supports closer and more effective collaboration with local, national and global partners from academia, civil society and the private sector.

The initiative emphasizes country ownership and the goal is to integrate new methods and data sources into existing national statistical systems, explicitly not to create parallel data infrastructures at the country level.

Given the key principle of the Data for Now initiative of country ownership, countries would first agree on the policy areas that they wish to prioritize based on the national plan for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, and on how the project can help address those needs through the use of innovative data sources, methods and approaches.

The implementation would be through engagement of relevant stakeholders and experts that can help Stats SL achieve those goals.

Speaking on being selected for the Project, Statistician General and Chief Census of Stats SL,Prof. Osman Sankoh (Mallam O) said  ” we are positively different; ever more ready to showcase Sierra Leone nationally and internationally”