Former US Airforce Airman and Sierra Leonean native, Ibrahim Fornah has urged the Sierra Leonean Government to provide environmentally friendly communities in urban areas.

“The ministry of urban or town planning should seek to ensure that communities in Sierra Leone look like this,” Fornah said while sharing a photo of what looked like a serene and environmentally friendly community in his second home, United States.

He said it is the duty of authorities to provide such communities to the local Sierra Leonean population.

“It can be done.

“Waking up to such a beautiful scene every morning is just good for the soul,” he said.

Fornah has been a strong critic of President Bio’s administration with some political analysts linking him to the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC).

The US Airforce Airman has longed made his intention known when it comes to participation in the political sphere of his native home.

“In 2028, I will be contesting for the Preidency,” Fornah declared on his Twitter page in 2021.

Fornah is also popularly among Sierra Leonean Facebook users where he runs a page called People’s Liberation Academy (PLA).