The United States Ambassador to Sierra Leone David Reimer has in a interview with Radio Democracy 98.1 address issues centered on the United States’ apprehensions regarding the contested election outcomes.

1.Concerns Over Irregularities in Election Results

Addressing the discrepancies in the election results, Ambassador Reimer stated, “United States is concerned about irregularities in the result that were announced by ECSL, that include a big difference between the ECSL announced result and the parallel vote tabulations as well as inconsistencies that were analyzed by domestic and international observers.” These discrepancies, he stressed, have raised questions not just in the US but around the world about the integrity of the official outcome.

  1. Call for Independent Investigation:

In a bid to ensure transparency and restore faith in the electoral process, the Ambassador revealed, “We have asked for an investigation conducted by an outside independent body to look at the results.” This call for an impartial investigation underlines the commitment to upholding democratic values and fostering credible electoral practices.

  1. Dialogue for Progress and Stability:

Highlighting the importance of dialogue among all stakeholders, Ambassador Reimer emphasized, “We have called for dialogue between all parties to see how Sierra Leone can move on to the next election in 2028.”

Ambassador Reimer further underscored the importance of a vibrant democracy, stressing that opposition voices and multi-party participation are crucial components of a democratic system. He personally appealed to the All People’s Congress (APC) not to boycott governance, noting that diverse viewpoints are necessary for a functional democracy. This sentiment was conveyed through a tweet, which attracted both negative and positive reactions.

  1. President Bio’s Committee for Vote Review:

When discussing President Bio’s announcement of a review committee, the Ambassador voiced his reservations, stating, “It’s just not possible for someone who was a candidate in the election to then look at the process and be not biased.” This observation reflects the challenges of maintaining impartiality when directly involved in the electoral contest.

  1. Future Collaboration and Engagement:
    Regarding the US stance towards the Sierra Leone government, Ambassador Reimer clarified, “What we have not done is congratulated him,” referring to President Bio’s victory. While affirming President Bio’s presidency, he added that the US would review its government-to-government programs, including the MCC compact grant. The Ambassador underscored the importance of a fair and transparent election process, which had been previously communicated to the Sierra Leone government.

  2. Economic Challenges and External Factors:
    Commenting on the economic hardships faced by Sierra Leone, Ambassador Reimer attributed them to global influences, stating, “The past couple of years have been rough, and this is not the government’s fault but from external forces such as the Russia-Ukraine war, affecting the supply chain and also inflation.” This perspective contextualizes the economic struggles within the broader international landscape.

Ambassador Reimer’s insights provide a nuanced understanding of the multifaceted issues surrounding the 2023 Sierra Leone election. His remarks highlight the significance of transparent elections, impartial investigations, and open dialogue to ensure the nation’s progress and stability. As Sierra Leone charts its course forward, these perspectives will likely shape the trajectory of its political landscape and international collaborations.