Eighty soldiers from the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) were recognized on February 23rd for their achievements in a three-week training program on Critical Site and Asset Security.

The training, delivered by the US Army Security Force Assistance Brigade, aimed to enhance the RSLAF’s defense capabilities and promote regional stability.

The US Army Security Force Assistance Brigade specializes in advising and assisting partner nations in building their defense capacities while upholding democratic and human rights principles. This training program, tailored for RSLAF personnel from Lance Corporal to Warrant Officer 1, focused on strengthening their technical skills in areas like perimeter patrol, securing critical sites and assets, and managing entry and access control points.

The program not only built upon existing RSLAF protocols but also provided opportunities for professional development and information exchange for both US and Sierra Leonean personnel. This collaboration signifies a crucial step forward in US-Sierra Leone bilateral cooperation.

“This partnership is vital in enhancing Sierra Leone’s defensive capabilities and reinforcing professionalism, respect for human rights, and democratic values within the RSLAF,” said a statement from the US Embassy in Sierra Leone. “The US remains committed to supporting Sierra Leone’s progress in democracy, health, and prosperity, and to fostering a successful partnership that benefits both nations.”

The successful completion of the training program is expected to contribute to regional security and stability while strengthening the professional development of the RSLAF, ensuring a more capable and well-equipped force.