The High Level US Congressional Delegation to Sierra Leone has today made an historic visit to Bunce Island, where captured slaves were stationed before being shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States of America.

The visiting US Congressional Delegation was led lead by Representative Greg Meeks.

At Bunce Island, a tour guide gave the visitors a summary of the significance of the island saying it was where African slaves were packaged for shipment to the Americas during the horrendous Transatlantic Slave Trade.

A visibly emotional Representative Greg Meeks in his statement said he now has a clearer picture of his heritage.

He dilated on the historic connection between Sierra Leone and South Carolina in the United States of America and entreated all not to allow being across the other side of the Atlantic to be a barrier for not coming together.

Representative Meeks espoused the strength of unity and said he would forever have the memory of their visit to the island etched in his mind.

He praised the power of the black people and what they can achieve when they come together.

The emotion filled US Congressman said he will go back and explain to his brothers and sisters his experience from visiting Sierra Leone and that his connection to the country is now stronger.

“This is bittersweet: Bitter because we know what it represents. Sweet because we know what the future holds. I’m so proud of Sierra Leone. So proud of what you’ve accomplished against all odds. Nothing and no one can ever stop you. Rise you mighty people,” he said.

The highpoint of the visit was the unveiling of a plaque on Bunce Island by Representative Greg Meeks.

Two British trading companies based in England operated the slave castle at Bunce Island. Many of the enslaved Africans taken in West Africa were processed through Bunce Island. It was a prime export site for slaves to South Carolina and Georgia.

The US Congressional Delegation historic to Bunce Island made up of: Rep Gregory Meeks, Democrat, New York 5th District (Queens), Chairman House Foreign Relations Committee and leader of the delegatio; Rep Ilhan Oman; Rep. Joyce Beatty; Rep. Amerish โ€˜Amiโ€™ Bera; Rep. G.K. Butterfield; Rep. Brenda Lawrence; and Rep. Troy Carter.