The United States Embassy in Freetown has addressed the public regarding a U.S. Air Force plane that landed at Freetown International Airport on Sunday, clarifying the reason for its brief presence in Sierra Leone.

In a tweet, the Embassy stated: “We are aware of some misinformation about a U.S. Air Force plane that was seen landing at Lungi Airport. A plane landed for routine refueling, and promptly left Sierra Leone. Rumors of the plane landing in Sierra Leone for any other purpose are false.”

Despite this clarification, the aircraft’s landing sparked curiosity and speculation, with various theories circulating on social media. Some suggested that the aircraft’s presence was solely for refueling, while others speculated it might be related to the recent political situation in the country.

The Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority (SLCAA) confirmed that it received an application from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requesting a landing permit for the U.S. military aircraft. The stated purpose of the request was strictly for refueling.

On June 21st, the SLCAA forwarded the request to the Office of National Security (ONS) for the necessary security clearance, which was promptly granted. SLCAA Director General Madame Musayeroh Barrie confirmed that the aircraft landed as scheduled and completed its refueling operation without any issues.