The United States Embassy in Freetown, led by Ambassador Bryan David Hunt, has assured Sierra Leoneans of a continued “journey of partnership and progress” with the government, as the country navigates year 2024.

In his New Year’s message, Ambassador Hunt extended warm wishes for a happy and prosperous year, acknowledging the significance of the new year as a time for reflection and anticipation.

He shared an American perspective, explaining that the new year brings an opportunity to “look back on the achievements of the past year and look forward to new opportunities and challenges.”

Highlighting the commitment to collaborative efforts, Ambassador Hunt announced the release of the United States’ first annual report to Sierra Leone. This report, according to the Ambassador, serves as a testament to the “transformative development partnership” between the two nations.

The report details the diverse ways in which the U.S. has impacted the lives of ordinary Sierra Leoneans in 2023. From crucial healthcare interventions aimed at treating and preventing deadly diseases to the support of civil society initiatives, the U.S. Embassy has actively engaged in areas that directly benefit the people of Sierra Leone.

By showcasing specific examples of collaboration and highlighting the report’s availability, Ambassador Hunt’s message underscores the U.S.’ commitment to ongoing partnership with Sierra Leone. This approach emphasizes transparency and accountability, allowing Sierra Leoneans to witness the tangible outcomes of these collaborative efforts.

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