The US Deputy Assistant Secretary for West Africa and the Sahel, Michael Heath has denied claims made by President Julius Maada Bio over 2023 elections interference.

The president is entitled to his views, but we did not ask him to take action that will affect the outcome of the elections,” he said.

Heath, while addressing the press corps affirmed they had concerns about statistical inconsistencies. He added they communicated with the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) to meet with observers to address the issues.

What Heath agreed with Bio was on the timing of their request. He said the Sierra Leonean President was concerned about the timing of the request.

The Deputy Assistant Secretary denied that the US is supportive of any coup in the country.

Heath, meanwhile, welcomed the idea of a dialogue between the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) and the government. He also anticipated reforms of Sierra Leone’s electoral processes.

He stressed that Sierra Leone needs credibility both locally and internationally if the West African nation is to move forward.

Heath also acknowledged the visa restrictions imposed on individuals accused of meddling with the country 2023 Elections but failed to disclose names of people restricted.