Two brothers and fans of Alhaji Amadu Bah aka LAJ, Ishmael Bah, Mohamed S Bah, Zunaika Jabbie, Abibatu Sesay, Isatu Cece Kabba, Isatu Kargbo, Bintu Bangura, Ibrahim Bangura, Sulaiman Shaw, Samuel Waba Samura, Ibrahim Koroma and Ibrahim Kabia made their third appearance before Magistrate Mark Ngegba of Pademba road court No.2 in Freetown on two count charges of disorderly behavior contrary to section 12 of the public order Act No.46 of 1965 as repealed and replaced by Section 12 (a) of p Act No15 of 1973 and riotous conduct con trary to Section 12 of the public order Act No.46 of 1965 as repealed and replaced by Section 12 (a) Act No.15 of 1973.

Led in evidence by Assistant Superintendent of Police Hawa Bah Prosecution witness number four DPC 18177 Julius Foday ing Pewah attached to the Criminal Investigation Department

CID Headquarters on Pademba Road, Freetown. He testified that he recognised the accused persons in the dock and recall on the 15th June 2022, on that day whilst on duty at the Congo Cross Police Station he was instructed by the Crime Officer to visit the OSD Headquarters to obtain caution statement Bah, from the accused persons.

He said himself and DPC 17856 Koroma I.S and DPC 19841 Inspector Sellu M.A obtained contemporaneous statement from 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 and 12 separately which they were caution and question in Krio separately and he recorded it in English, the said state ement was read over and explained to all accused persons and they admitted it to be true and correct by affixing their right hand thumb of print which he signed as the recorder and since then it was in the custody of the Police, all voluntary caution statement of the accused persons was produced and tendered in court to form part of the court records.

After tendering the statement of all accused persons, the witness continued his testimony by saying he visited the scene of crime at the OSD Headquarters where he saw empty rubber drinks on the floor. And all the accused were charged on the 15th June 2022. With the offences of riotous conduct and dis rderly behavior separately, he went on to my himself together with DPC 17856 Koroma

I.S, DPC 17291 Kallon R.B DPC 19841 Mattia MS and Inspector Sellu L.A recorded the charge statement of all accused persons was produced and tendered in court to also form part of the Court records. After the testimony of the witness M.A Sesay and M.Y Kanu Esq, cross examined him.

After the end of the cross examination, the Prosecutor ASP Hawa Bah said they have proven their case beyond all reasonable doubt and that all the prosecution evidences have been collaborated. She said prosecution witnesses testified exactly what happened on the said date, and the accused persons behaved in a disorderly behavior and created panic in the view of the public and they did it with intent.

She also said the accused persons were not going on their normal business as they stated earlier but they went directly to the OSD Headquarters in disorder and they are guilty as charged so let justice be served.

After the closing remarks from the Prosecutor, the file was withdrawn for ruling and the accused persons were sent to the Male Correctional Center for custody until Friday 24