Vickie Remeo has expressed her disappointment in President Bio for releasing DJ Clef’s
killer out of Pa Demba Road Prison.

“I was schoked that President Bio pardoned LAC, a man convicted of murdering Henry David Sydney Buckle aka DJ Clef”, Vickie Remeo lamented.

Vickie stated that she will never forget how Clef’s body was cut up and left to rot at Murray Town.

Vickie Remeo explained that DJ Clef’s murderer was sentenced to life in prison, but just after serving six years, he has been pardoned.

She noted that although it is the President’s right to pardon, but people whose relatives have been killed and killers convicted would not like to see killers of their relatives walk free just after six years.

Vickie emphasized that how would the family members and friends of late DJ Cleff feel.

It can be recalled that on New Year’s Day, President Bio pardoned around 100 inmates and among them was DJ Clef’s killer – someone who was sentenced to death in prison but has just served only six years in prison.