Popular Sierra Leonean Marketing Specialist, Vickie Remoe has respond to a friend’s question on social Media disclosing on her facebook page the secret behind her silence about certain issues when she was in Sierra Leone.

She posted this response:

 “I am afraid of the IG and CID and Pa Demba Road. People get invited and I don’t want to honor my invite.

Didn’t you hear how they arrested a dozen women who went to accompany Diana Konomanyi to give a statement?

Do you think if they can lock people up just for going to support someone, they can’t lock me up? Tay dem dae beg for you (pan wrong way you no do), tay dem day call, e go don reach 7 days.

I have been to CID lock up.i know the mosquitoes there, I know the smell and stain of feces there. There is no way I would survive jail and I am not trying to find out.

Anyone can end up in jail in Sierra Leone and you don’t have to do anything illegal to end up there, you just have to look a police man the wrong way, or know your rights and boom lockup.

The abuse of power by the police and the lack of justice in the courts is something I know and will never want to experience”.