Popular Sierra Leonean Writer Vickie Remoe has congratulated  all Fake and Real PHD holders in Sierra Leone.

The Ghanaian based  writer and media personality  believes a lot has been said about fake PHDs and what no one is talking about is the way we worship people with PHDs and believe them to have all the answers even when they have little or no experience or a track record of success and results.

Vickie stated that she has always really loved this illustration about the essence and value of a PHD showing what one has to do with regards to research and knowledge to attain one.

She pointed out that to the extreme right you will see a pin-sized prick denoting the contributions one has made to a field of research once they attain a PHD.

She clarifies that we should celebrate anyone who achieves anything they set out to do , and  a PHD is a personal academic achievement.  She added that what it doesn’t mean is they the holder of one has the answers for all things and can solve real life problems.

The media personality holds the view that Academia is very much a bubble that does not mirror real life, and PHD holders for the most part are suited for academia and more research. she pointed out that If everyone is obsessed with PHDs real of fake it simply means that we have placed too premium a value on having “Dr” in front of someone’s name.

She recalled when she was in college, 90% of her professors had PHDs. Not a single one of them was referred to as Dr.  She narrated  that the President of the School had a PHD and when they went to his office or saw him on campus they called him Tommy for that was his name.

She justifies that maybe the reason why people are so PHD crazy is they really want to be respected…they need to be held in high regard for their intellect. They may feel without the PHD people will see and treat them as mortals. And perhaps this need to be revered comes from a place of deep insecurity, fears about personal inadequacies, or wanting to belong to an elite class from which you were excluded as a child.

She further distinguishes  that there is only one difference between a Sierra Leonean man with a PHD and one without; the richness of vocabulary with which they lie about why things are not as they should be.

She envisage that If people fill Sierra Leone up with PHD holders, we will be no closer to stopping the inflation, creating jobs, feeding ourselves or exporting goods.

She concluded by extending Congratulatory message to everyone who has ever earned a PHD legitimately and to those who spend their money to pay for them.  She added a humorous  statement of  ridicule that’‘All PHD na PHD let no haters stop your flexin but however you got your own all I have to say is make una try fix the country.”