Vickie Remoe and Idris Elba are throwing shots at each other on twitter over the wellington fire tanker issue where Vickie insinuated that Idris Elba did not sympathizes or did anything to help as Sierra Leoneans. This blasting became more intensified to the point that Sierra Leoneans began asking what Vickie has done to help those people affected from the explosion, adding that Idriss Elba doesn’t owe anybody but if he does anything it is out of free will not obligation.

It all started when Vickie Remoe twitted some random tweet saying; “someone said tay tide idris elba nor tell we osh for the faya. Amin we all na Sierra Leonean” but the man just ignored her tweet and then tweeted a link, sending his thoughts and prayers to the fire victims and asking for people to click the link to know about the donation setup to assist those affected and support the families of the victims.

Vickie Remoe then retweeted Idris Elba’s tweet and said in a casual way that, Idris Elba has tweeted and that he is saying that people should give money. That tweet got to Idris Elba and responded that Vickie should do better, adding that people are grieving right now and she is thinking of him?

She now replied that, it was his people that was thinking about him and that since he came, he gave them high hopes and expectations of the promises he made, adding that she can shockingly manage to hold multiple thoughts at any given time.

Idris Elba then shot back at her with “Vickie, I beg. My hopes and most people’s hopes are that we can come together help those that need it. While you are multi-tasking your thoughts think more about what you can do to help, rather than trolling celebrity on social media.”

Vickie now spits fire that Idris Elba’s tweet showed how disconnect he is and that when ish goes down like a major disaster we need Sierra Leoneans to mobilize and respond ASAP. The interesting part is how she continues to call him uncle Idris, in between the charging. “If you are one of us it includes you too. Celeb or fontoba! Na yu cam join wi pan dis, welcome home unc” she said.