Popular Sierra Leonean Writer and Media Personality, Vickie Remoe has reminded Sierra Leoneans who goes beyond to abuse their powers and inflicts pain on others to be aware that what goes around will surely comes around.

“Three years ago my father was arrested for political reasons. He was assaulted by police. He was locked in CID. He was at Pa Demba Road. That was the first time I entered that Prison.

My father was a police officer 22 years. He was once a chief police officer which is the current equivalent of being an LUC.

When I entered Pa Demba Road to visit my father in 2019 it was like an out of body experience. I never ever in my life imagined that my father a retired senior police office would end up in jail falsely accused.

My grandfather was a deputy inspector General of Police before and after Independence. He got a medal from the Queen.

When the NRC coup happened, my grandfather was arrested and locked up in Pa Demba Road for almost a year. He left my grandmother with five children. They were isolated. Lost friends who overnight no longer wanted to be associated with the family of a political prisoner.

My mom and her siblings never ever imagined their father whose name is still on the plaque of police leaders at the SL Police headquarters would end up falsely accused for planning a coup.

In my lifetime I’ve already seen power come and go, I’ve seen great and admired men and women fall from grace.

Anyone who believes “it will never happen to me” because I have power today is a fool. Today you may be in position of power and so you think you can do as you please. Continue…

Anything can happen to anyone and one thing I know for sure is that in this our Republic time always day fit clock, advantage go and advantage day come, sometimes you may be a victim other times the aggressor.

But and this is the important part…….those of you who make it your business to unjustly inflict pain and suffering on others, those who go beyond and above to abuse their power, your time will come.

If you say because you get political power now na for unleash evil on people, that power will one day pass on from you to someone else and you go definitely see an.

History always finds a way of repeating itself.”