Sierra Leonean Content Producer, Author, Writer, TV host and Podcaster based in Ghana has slammed a follower who asked her to cover her chest.

The Content Producer shared pictures of herself on her Facebook page where a Facebook user identified as Unis Bangura commented positively and later interfered in the privacy of the Content Producer in a form of advice. The user advised the Content Producer to cover up her chest considering her religion which is Islam.

With a surprised respond from Vickie Remoe, she said the follower does not have right to advise her on what to do with her chest. She continues saying that she pleases what she does. Reactions came up asking the follower to have done it private instead of public.

Vickie Remoe who based in Ghana recently launched her book “Adama Loves Akara” that was well received by the public. She has been known for her famous TV Show called “The Vickie Remoe Show” that was broadcasting on SLBC and AYV TV. She is the CEO of VR&C Marketing. Remoe has been listed as 100 Most Influential Young Africans by Avance Media and she has been featured on Aljazeera, Africa News, VOA, DW, and the BBC.