Sierra Leonean Multimedia Content producer and Entrepreneur, Vickie Remoe, has reacted to the recent comment of the Bank Governor, Kelfala Kallon, about not having the capacity to solve the economic problems of the country.

The popular content producer has asked the governor to resign from his position as that is what he is supposed to do at this point.

She made this comment on her twitter timeline after AYV’s Amadu Lamrana Bah had engaged the bank governor on the deprecating economic conditions in the country, for Ayv Sierra Leone Breakfast Show, Wake Up Sierra Leone.

Journalist Amadu Lamrana Bah posted that on the interview, the Bank Governor, Prof. Kelfala Kallon said the country is in a very difficult situation, and as much and as hard they’ve tried to mitigate the impact of what is going on, certain things are beyond their control because Sierra Leone is a small country.

He called on Sierra Leoneans to pray for the Ukraine-Russia war to end and for COVID-19 to go away for the world’s economy to move back to where it is supposed to be so that things can get better in Sierra Leone.

“I also want to tell the people of this country that I am gravely sorry that I am in a situation where I know we are all hurting but I don’t have the capacity to get rid of that hurt,” said proff Kallon.

Because of this, instead of him to be saying that he is sorry, Vickie Remoe says he should resign because that is what he is supposed to do.