APC Former Vice President, Hon. Victor Bockarie Foh and APC Former Presidential Aspirant (now Resident Minister Northwest and Presidential Spokesman) has enthused SLPP Supporters and Members in Sembehun 17, Bo District.

This occurred as part of President Bio’s working visit to towns and villages, south of the country, engaging his people on his achievements since 2018 and warning young people against drug abuse.

Speaking in Krio, the Former Vice President Victor Foh said “We like Maada Bio because He makes this country peaceful. Maada is a Man of peace. If God gives me power, I want to give Maada Bio symbol of Unity. All hands-on deck. He changed the North, South, East and Western Area. What else do we want? Let’s vote for Maada Bio. We like Salone, we admire Maada Bio as our President. Anyone who wants development in this country should vote for Maada.

In his speech at Sembehun 17, President Bio said the purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

He clearly stated a country where education is valued not as a formality but as a pride of the country is never poor. And it is on that conviction he has taken such a huge burden to massively invest in the children of Sierra Leone through education.

According to Myk Berewa, President told the cheering parents and children that no other investment yields as great a return as the investment in education.

He concluded that an educated workforce is the foundation of every community, country and the future of every economy.