The Times -SL has learnt that the current tour of the country’s vice president, Victor Bockarie Foh together with former Head of State and Chairman of the National Provisional Ruling Council I, Retired Captain Valentine Strasser to the East of the country pundits have claimed “speaks volume of another APC plans to dent Maada Bio”.

Strasser, who was toppled by Bio ahead of the 1996 Elections is now been used by the APC to discredit the SLPP and its 2012 Presidential Flagbearer Candidate, Julius Maada Bio on what forms part of their ‘99 tactics’.

It could be recalled that the same APC ahead of the 2012 Elections used the Monologue Program to damage the integrity of Bio with Strasser and President Koroma being among the studio guests in the early hours of the day when many people were in bed.

Today, the Monologue which they used to discredit Bio is no more and are again planning another strategy ahead of the forthcoming elections.

Political pundits say , the APC which is well known for its political game is at it again as they tour Kailahun and Kenema Districts under the guise of presenting the newly appointed Minister of States in the Office of the Vice President, Mohamed Bah to his people in Kailahun.

What beats the imagination of many people is the plan to take Strasser along on a visit which his presence absolutely has nothing to do other than just endorsing the death-kneel of Bio should in case he is elected to go as Presidential Candidate for the forthcoming Election.

In the mean time, the media as well as civil society in the country is strongly monitoring the said APC special mission tour so as to adequately inform the people of Sierra Leone.