With regards to a recent post on his Facebook page, popular rapper, Article Foyoh, is being scolded by Folksinger, Fantacee Wiz, for taking to his page and wrote statements that the Vida Oneness Concert team was not expecting from him.

On a post dated 18th April 2022, the singer, Artical Foyoh wrote: “Advice to we de Entertainers with regards vida hin fund raising concert. Leh we allow Vida hin family members for handle the gate takings n gee report to we as an industry. God heal we sister. Bangaaaaaa.”

Seeing this post on his page sparked so many reactions from fans of Artical Foyoh and the Entertainment industry as such statements were not expected from him. With dismay and seeing the unexpected, the Folksinger, Fantacee Wiz responded to his post by saying “Artical Foyoh, I don’t think this is something you should’ve brought here, you have our contacts, and we all have personal relationships with you. Bringing this here will not only bring chaos but create unsolicited drama. We are dealing with a lot of things already. Thank you.”

According to Fantacee Wiz, the Vida Oneness Fund Raising Concert is facing a lot and the list they can expect is having a member of the team saying or doing anything that will endanger or impact the fund raising in any negative way.