Chief Executive Officer of VIP Trading Company, Ahmed H. Hashim, during the 6th annual awards ceremony of the Bai Heritage Foundation (BBHF), held on Saturday 9th December, 2023, was honored with a national award for Service Delivery.

This national honour is a testament of the exemplary performance of the VIP CEO in delivering on his contractual agreement with the government to supply rice to the Sierra Leone Police, a job that has earned him the respect of many Sierra Leoneans. One cannot talk of regular rice supply to the police without reference being made to the relentless efforts by VIP to offer solace to the police and also about his philanthropy.

CEO of VIP Trading Company, Ahmed H. Hashim, popularly known as VIP, is known for his philanthropy and his unwavering commitment to the regular supply of good quality per boiled rice to the Sierra Leone Police, as since taking up the contract, he has continued to make a positive impact in terms of timely and quality rice supply to the SLP.

His commitment to the contract with the government to supply rice to the police, has seen some members of other security sector institutions in the country now becoming jealous SLP while urging their managements and the government to consider contracting VIP to supply their institutions with rice on a monthly basis. Other institutions are also calling for the review of rice contract in favor of VIP (albeit quietly).

Since taking up the police rice supply contract, VIP has been able to transform his supply to higher quality rice, supplying all ranks of the Police Force with quality per boiled rice, much to the delight of all.

It was therefore not any surprise for the VIP CEO to have been chosen for such a prestigious award by the Bai Bureh Service Delivery Awards, as his ability to deliver is second to none, hence the growth of his popularity.

The Bai Bureh Service Delivery Awards, is an acknowledgment of individuals and organizations who have performed exceptional well in their commitment to service delivery in various sectors. These champions have greatly contributed to the journey of making Sierra Leone a better nation.