Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh has turned Sod on behalf of President Bio For the Construction of New Gbongboma -Malakika Bridge Bridge to Connect Bonthe Island to her sister Islands within the district.

Present During the Launch was the Director General of the Sierra Leone Roads Authority Ing. Alfred Jalil Momodu, Minister of Works Housing Dr. Denis Sandy.

Other Dignitaries includes, The Mayor of Bonthe municipality, Resident Minister South, Paramount Chiefs and Representative’s from the Company that was awarded the Contract, The China Gansu International Economic and Technical Cooperation (SL) Ltd (CGICO)

According to Dr. Jalloh, the Bridge will enhance connectivity, facilitate trade and create easy movement throughout the Island.

After the Ceremony, the Vice president took to Twitter with a post which states “I carried out the turning of the first sod for the new Gbongboma – Molakika Bridge that will connect Bonthe Island to her sister islands. This bridge will improve connectivity, facilitate trade and create easy movement throughout the island spanning over 50 km. It is one of the many bridges our government is constructing across Sierra Leone in order to enhance connectivity and save lives,”

The Bridge which span over 50kmeter will link business and trade in that part of the Country, Providing access to more agricultural produce to reach the market in time with less cost and reduced travel time.

Bonthe District is in the southern province and comprises of several islands. The town lies on the eastern shore of Sherbro Island, on the Sherbro River estuary. Bonthe is about 60 miles south-west of Bo. On the South-East of Bonthe is Pujehun and Moyamba to the North-West.