Hon. Mohamed Bangura, representing Karene District, constituency 066, APC party has called on Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh to resign his position having chaired the Perogative of Mercy Committee that recommended that President Julius Maada Bio grant clemency to Baimba Moiforay aka LAC for the murder of Sydney Buckle aka DJ Clef.

He said that their recommendation to grant pardon to LAC was a travesty of justice .

Hon. Bangura had earlier opined that the granting of presidential pardon to Baimba Moiforay was legal but immoral .

Hon. Bangura said the presidential pardoning of LAC was immoral for reason being that he served only six of what is to be not less than twenty five years in prison for the murder conviction of the late Sydney Buckle aka Dj Cleff.

Hon. Bangura welcomed the Government of Sierra Leone, State House, Office of the Press Secretary and Presidential Spokesman Public Notice dated 17th Janaury,2022 instituting an investigation into the process leading to the granting of pardon to Baimba Moiforay (alias LAC) on 1st Janaury 2022 pursuant to section 63(1) of the National Constitution and the revoking with immediate effect the clemency granted to LAC.

“This is an instance that the President considers the views and concerns of right activists and the ordinary citizens. The public was hugely dissatisfied with the pardoning of LAC. The heeding to this public outcry by revoking of LAC’s pardon is a welcome news and a victory for justice and the rule of law.This is the way to go on public interest matters ,” Hon. Bangura said.

The former Minister of Information and Communications, Hon. Bangura called on the Vice President to do the needful by honorably resigning his position so as not to obstruct the investigation of his Prerogative of Mercy Committee.

“In a bid to ensure the credibility and integrity of the announced investigation, I call on the Vice President to immediately tentatively set himself aside along with all the members of the Perogative of Mercy Committee. Their action despite having been corrected by the President has established that their is a lack of integrity among some of it members and their is no assurance as to how long, why, who and what has been fertilizing past, present and future list of presidential pardoned.”

Hon. Bangura noted that a stringent and corrective measure must be taken and instituted to deter such an embarrassment of the president and insulting of the intelligence of the citizenry.