The West Africa Alcohol Policy Alliance has on 24 January, 2024 commencing a two-day treaning session at Robert Hall conference room in Freetown.

The treaning session was co-founded by the Foundation for Rural and Urban Transformation (FoRUT) and WAAPA partnering with the Sierra Leone Alcohol Policy Allowance (SLAPA).

The organisation is mainly focusing on alcohol prevention and control through effective policies and Programmes

WAAPA’s mission is to Coordinating, sharing, and supporting members and CSOs working on alcohol prevention and control to influence governance,
policies and programmes in West Africa and beyond.

The core values of WAAPA is Public Health,Collective Actions, Accountability, Autonomy, Gender and diversity, and Development.

One of their man focus in today’s season is to have an over view on the African Regional Framework for implementing the Global Alcohol Action plan of 2022-2030.

WAAPA’s envision is healthy nations free from alcohol related harm and an empowered population in West Africa.