Mustapha Wai, an American-trained certified public accountant (CPA) and Sierra Leone chartered accountant (ACA-SL), has been appointed to lead the Project Fiduciary Management Unit (PMFU) at the Ministry of Finance.

In his new capacity, Mr. Wai will oversee a team of professionals tasked with designing and implementing financial management systems to ensure the efficient and transparent utilization of donor funds in support of the Government’s programs.

This includes designing and implementing procurement management systems and controls to ensure value for money, as well as improving and strengthening the performance of donor projects across the country.

Mr. Wai’s responsibilities also include providing quality coordination and supervision of projects to track progress towards achieving project development objectives. Additionally, he will serve as an effective channel of communication and collaboration between the Government and donors on project development and implementation.

Prior to this appointment, Mr. Wai served as the Chief Policy Adviser in the Office of the Chief Minister at the Office of the President. With over 22 years of experience in public accounting and financial management in the United States, Mr. Wai brings a wealth of expertise to his new role.