Popular Sierra Leonean Rapper, Boss La has declared interest in becoming the President of Sierra Leone. 

The RFM rapper made it known in an interview on Africell Radio when asked about his bigger plans on Monday.

“The things I have gone through have made me more powerful and make me feel like I can be if I wanna be”, Boss La said.

“The heart, love and passion I have for how people should live people makes me think I want to be the next president. I have what it takes to become the next President. Just do good, feed the people and give them what you have promised to give them, Simple!”

Boss La also said he has formed the party in which he will contest for the Presidential election and He will make it known when the time comes.

“That is the time you will see even Black Leo fans will come and join. Every fan in Sierra Leone, Black Leo, RFM, Drizilik, Dry Eye Crew all belong to a political party, every political member or supporter belong to one Artiste.  Any Artiste that is big can become the President one day. We become relevant when election time comes but we are so dump that we settle for less.”

He added that it is better for popular Entertainers to come together to form a Youthful political party that will shake the current predominant parties.