Barrister & Solicitor of the High Court of Sierra Leone Wara Serry-Kamal has made her formal Public declaration for the position of President, Sierra Leone Bar Association elections which is schedule in Kenema, May 2024.

She made the formal declaration to run for the Bar Presidency on Thursday, 11 April, 2024 at 3rd Floor Freetown City Council Hall.

Key among her actions areas are Professional Development and Welfare, Upholding the Bar’s Autonomy, Unification of the Bar, Enhancing Partnership’s and Institutional Strengthening

In her declaration speech, she revealed that for too long, they have allowed their voices and their needs to be ignored affirming that they have allowed fear to overtake and their profession to be divided and conquered on the altar of politicians.

โ€œI rush to say that, I will never suggest that lawyers cannot have political affiliations or belong to a political party. One’s political affiliation ought not to affect one’s integrity, character, or objectivity. My political views certainly do not affect mine. What remains paramount to me in all I do as a lawyer and a citizen are the principles of fairness and justice
As your President, I will ensure that fairness and justice remain paramount and that the bar constantly reflects all views and opinions, not just a select few. You are all equally important and ought to have your voices reflected in your bar association. Your Bar, your voice.

Learned Colleagues, permit me to clarify that as a Serry-Kamal, I am proud of the heritage and legacy left by my late father. My last name is synonymous with the opposition, and it is not in my character to try to fool anyone by pretending such affiliation does not exist. I have boldly, without fear or concern, defended members of the APC and the APC party when my sense of fairness and justice led me to,โ€ she stated.

She believes that their achievements at LAWYERS in pursuing justice for disadvantaged women and promoting equality was indeed a challenging one and is commendable.

As a member of the Bar, she affirmed that she is no stranger to lending her support when called upon. She confirmed that she has done so consistently through fundraising for the building fund, bar conference and bar dinners and making financial contributions when she can adding that her passion for the Bar association did not start with her aspiration to lead it, nor will it end whether those aspirations prove successful or not.