The Committee on Education in the House of Parliament has on Monday 11th March 2024 met with heads of private schools to discuss the deadline for WAEC’s Portal registration for the 2024 WAEC examinations.

Hon Foday M. Jabbie Chairman, of the Oversight Committee on Basic and Senior Secondary Education, said that heads of private schools requested a meeting with Members of Parliament because series of complaints on social media and other news lets on the issue and he thought it fit to call them together to see how best they can resolve them. He said that the complaints centered around WAEC on the WASSEC entries, the CASS one entry.

He added that some measures have been taken by the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education as well for WAEC to address the situation. He continued that the Minister of Basic and Senior Education is on top of the situation, and he is handling the issue very well. The Hon. Said that there are two categories, that are affected by the situation currently including those who have uploaded part of their Cass but are yet to complete the rest and then other categories that have not uploaded into the hub.

According to him, the Minister said he is in touch with WAEC head officers, and he has written a letter to them with the intention that this matter is resolved once and for all so all of the pupils can sit for their exams.

The proprietress of Modern High Madam Helen Keili said that if their concerns are not looked into, it will not only affect the current SSS3 pupils but those in SSS 2 will be affected also in 2025. She said that they have about 30% of the candidates which comprises 240 schools that have not been able to register their candidates and to submit their CASS. She also added that as long as their continuous assessment grades are not submitted the registration has not been completed for them to take the fourth coming examinations, stating that it’s a cumulative process that will be submitted.

She continued that as she spoke, there were Schools who were yet to submit any grades. She added that a child in SSS2 right now would still not be able to take that exam next year when they are promoted to SSS3. She further that it is a concern for all of them. She said that the Portal that has been opened is for schools that have submitted some CASS grades for which they are agitating for an extension of time.