The Waterloo Police division, under the leadership of the Commissioner of the Law Enforcement and Crime Services Department (LUC CSP) Mr. Ibrahim M. Sama, carried out a heroic rescue operation on Saturday 5th August 2023 as they successfully saved two crew members of a helicopter that crash-landed at Mashehwureh Village, located approximately 15 miles away from central Waterloo.

The ill-fated helicopter, carrying a British citizen and a South African national, was en route from Monrovia to Lungi Airport, with its final destination set to be Banjul. The crew members revealed that the crash was a result of mechanical failure in the rotor blade of the aircraft.

Promptly responding to the distress call, the Waterloo Police swiftly mobilized their rescue team, coordinating efforts to reach the crash site in the suburban village. Despite the challenging terrain, the police displayed remarkable efficiency and professionalism in their rescue mission.

The two individuals are in good health, along with their luggage. Additionally, the helicopter remains in good condition. ASP Allieu Jalloh, the Head of Media for the Waterloo Police Division, confirms that there are no security concerns