The Operation Support Division (OSD) Coordinator- East, Superintendent Fomba Jusu has concluded an engagement with Divisional Commanders on the 5th of May 2023 in the Regional Headquarter, Kenema.

The meeting according to him is very important to get them abreast with the professional operations and mandates that will have the public involved in the daily affairs of the police and community policing, adding that the June general elections are just closer and the police personnel have to be very professional in their job dispensation to ensure a sustainable peace before, during and after the elections.

He informed all Commanders that all the Divisions, except Tongo, have international border crossing points and urged them to deepen their efforts in providing a topmost security at all times.

He maintained that, the OSD serves as bedrock which should always give maximum support to their various Local Unit commanders.  He also maintained that the personnel at Regional  Headquarters were meant to augment other divisions within the region, but was quick to point out that commanders must be able to manage their respective divisions, as it was not every operation they would request for reinforcement from Kenema, which shows that, their operations have to be very robust.

In brief response, the acting OSD Officer -in-command Kailahun Division revealed that his division has Fifty-Eight crossing points and that, they have been challenged with getting all supervised by the police but ensure that, mechanisms are in place to make sure that, those challenges are submerged within time.

The commanders present were able to discuss on their challenges and successes and pledged total commitment to professional policing at all times to maintain and positively build on the good names and effort the SLP has been bagging for years now.