Police in the rural town of Waterloo have updated the public on security and safety amid fears of a protest on Monday.

The security situation in and around Waterloo is relatively calm.

“No seeming threats of demonstration,” the Police said.

They added that commercial vehicles, tricycles (Kekeh) and commercial motorcycles (okadas) are rarely seen in the town and its environs.

Security in the rural town deteriorated drastically last year August 10 when angry protesters stormed the streets. The major road leading to the town and capital, Freetown was blocked with burning tires with protesters chanting anti-government slogans. But this time, police said there is “huge security presence” in major junctions including Kono Park, Fullah Town Junction, Tombo Junction, Freetown Park, 555 Junction and Newton (4 Mile).

Police said while petty traders are spotted at Tombo and Freetown Parks, shop owners are jittery about opening their stores.

They said school-going pupils are few on the streets and also in schools.

The police also informed the public that security presence is high at the fishing village of Tombo about a couple of miles outside Waterloo.