The leading presidential aspirant of the All People’s Congress (APC) Samura Kamara has issued a statement in response to the just concluded by elections in five districts over the weekend.

According to Kamara, the APC has won resounding victories in the just concluded 5 by-elections.

We are still in election mode, on registration drive, planning our next move for overwhelming victory in 2023. Politics is a 24/7 game, we need to have the FIRE and the UNITY to win all elections,” he stated.

The former APC presidential aspirant added that, “I am especially commending our brave and committed Comrades who expended their energies and challenged all the ODDs created by the SLPP to assure us such a huge victory. I am extremely proud of them. May Allah/God bless them all.”

Samura Kamara stated that in Kenema, they made massive inroads into the SLPP votes, which is their own stronghold.

Special thank you to our supporters and the APC leadership in the East. Comrade Maya hats off to you. Thank you,” he added.

Kamara went on to thank all international observers for their diligent monitoring of the by-elections.

“As guardians of our young nascent democracy, we are grateful for your support,” he concluded.

Check out the statement below 👇🏽