In a remarkable endeavor to diversify the school feeding program, the World Food Programme (WFP) has joined forces with five women-led Farmer-Based Organizations across Pujehun, Moyamba, Kambia, Kenema, and Bonthe districts.

Their collective efforts have borne fruit, as Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potatoes (OFSP) are now ripe for harvest, offering a significant boost to the nutritional value of school meals in the area.

These nutrient-packed sweet potatoes, celebrated by 25 women’s groups with WFP’s support, hold great promise for enhancing food security and child nutrition. Over several months, these empowered women diligently cultivated these OFSP, rich in vitamin A and essential nutrients, showcasing their commitment to their community’s well-being.

The harvested sweet potatoes will play a vital role in enriching the School Nutrition Program, ensuring that local children enjoy healthier, more balanced meals. By introducing these nutrient-rich sweet potatoes into school lunches, we anticipate a substantial reduction in malnutrition and an overall improvement in students’ health.

WFP’s support encompassed training in sustainable farming practices, access to quality seeds, and technical expertise to boost crop yield and quality. This collaborative effort underscores the importance of empowering local communities, particularly women, to take control of their food production and nutrition.

Community leaders and educators are brimming with optimism about the positive impact of this initiative on academic performance and the overall health of schoolchildren. As orange-fleshed sweet potatoes become a staple in school menus, it is our hope that this successful harvest will inspire similar initiatives to flourish throughout the region, ultimately contributing to a brighter and healthier future for all.