Since the start of Ramadan two days ago, many Sierra Leoneans have been seeking to know some of the things that breaks fasting in Ramadan, in light of that, this Medium with help from our Islamic scholars have put together some of these things that breaks fast and some of the things that people thinks breaks the fast which actually  do not break it.

According to the Ulamahs, there are some things that have the tendency to break the fast but if such things are done unintentionally(i.e. out of forgetfulness) then the fasting is still valid. This is because the forgetful nature of man is controlled by the creator Allah and as such, Allah does not hold a person accountable for what he did out of forgetfulness. Some of these things are:

Unintentionally eats food: this is common with the women when cooking, they may sometimes forget they are fasting and eats something but then they quickly realize that they are fasting and stop, because they stop as soon as they remember, their fasting will still be valid for the day as long as it is not done intentionally. The Islamic Scholars says that when someone forgets and eat something during fasting, it’s the mercy of Allah on that person and it means that Allah wanted that person to have that portion for the day.

Mistakenly Swallow Water Whiles taking Ablution: if a person mistakenly swallows water during ablution the person’s fast will still be valid ‘as long as it is not done willfully’. However all care must be taken to avoid that. When taking ablution, make sure you do not clean your nose too deep to avoid water from going down your throat and make sure to shake your mouth cautiously so that you don’t swallow the water.

Things That Breaks The Fast:

Nutritional Injections or Drips: nutritional injections are food supplements therefore one should not take it when fasting as it automatically breaks your fast.

Blood Transfusion: to transfer blood to relative or friend during fasting hours is prohibited as it breaks fast.

IV Fluids: IV Fluids are also prohibited to take during fasting hours for it breaks the fast.

Nose Drops: nose drops should not be taken during fasting hours because it breaks the fast.

Masturbation: masturbation is prohibited and should be avoided.

Deliberate Vomiting: if a person force himself to vomit, that person’s fast will no longer be valid.

Eating Food Intentionally: fasting is to refrain from food and drink so when you eat during fasting, you break your fast.

Sexual Intercourse During Fasting Hours: this is not only prohibited but one the major sins to commit in Islam. If a person does this when fasting or during fasting hours the person must repent and do either of this three things: fast consecutively for 60 days or free slaves or feed 60 poor people.

Medication use for Gargling: this also breaks fast.

Smoking: smoking breaks fast.

Postnatal bleeding: after a woman has just given birth, she experiences bleeding and because the blood is unpure, it breaks the fast, there those who are still experiencing postnatal bleeding should refrain from fasting until when the bleeding stops.

Menstruation: same for menstruation. A menstruating woman should not fast until after her menstrual period is over.

Things That Do not Break Fast

These are some of the things people think it breaks fasting which does not:  Wet Dream: wet dream does not breaks fast but the person that woke up from the wet dream should perform Ghusul (Janabah) known as the ritual birth. Also Blood Test, Injection, inhalers, missing prayers accidentally, eye drop, ear drop, Nose bleeding, applying henna and makeup, removing tooth, wearing perfume, brush your teeth, vomiting, tasting food and spit, using siwark, breastfeeding, kissing and hugging,swimming, cutting names, taking oxygen, cupping, swallowing phlegm, corona virus test, body lotions etc. does not break fast

Things That Invalidate Fasting

Neglecting the Prayers, not being a Muslim.

Things that reduces the percentage of Fasting:

These are common things some people do that they don’t know reduces the percentage of their fasting. Some of these things are bad and thus people should refrain from it. These are:

Lying, fighting, gossiping, backbiting and immoral behaviors.