On Saturday 25th June, a private screening was held for an African thrilling family drama movie titled – ‘Where Lies The Truth’ at the Life By Design hall, in Brookfields, Freetown. It attracted filmmakers, media personalities, and corporate people.

Spectree Multimedia and A Fiamaple Film produced a classic Sierra Leonean (African) movie that tells a true-life story of a woman faced with challenges, mysteries, and despairs in her marriage, friendship and love. Lead cast, Zainab ‘Gina’ Sillah-Fiamaple was faced with the serious challenge of proving the lineage of her son and the bearer of her pregnancy after initial tests suggested that they aren’t her husband’s.

The Director, Joseph Mensah Fiamaple, said that based on a true-life story, Gina had to get pregnant in real, nursed her pregnancy, and delivered the baby, which formed part of the storyline.

‘Where Lies The Truth’ also cast Thelma Barnett, Desmond Finney, Emma Dyfan, Muwahid Camara, Aminata Aminash Kabba, Mariama Seray Asgill, and others.

It contains a high-pitched storyline, characterization, scenes/locations, directing, quality pictures, and sound. The film was edited by Ibrahim ‘Slym’ Kebbay of Facelift Multimedia, while the videographer was Ibrahim Katch Cole.

The movie was shown halfway for about 2 hours during the private premiering, which left curiosity in the minds of all witnesses to see how it all ends. The suspense, conflicts, and surprises are the major twists and craftiness in the storyline