The World Health Organization (WHO) has partnered with the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Sierra Leone, Ahonsi Babatunde, to organize a town hall meeting aimed at reducing the prevalence of substance abuse, particularly Kush, among the country’s youth.

The meeting brought together various stakeholders, including government officials, civil society organizations, and youth representatives, to engage in a roundtable discussion and develop strategies to combat this pressing issue.

The WHO expressed its unwavering commitment to collaborating closely with all stakeholders to effectively address the detrimental effects of substance abuse on young people in Sierra Leone. The organization emphasized the importance of fostering a healthier population and promoting sustainable development through targeted interventions.

The United Nations Women in Sierra Leone actively participated in the meeting, highlighting their expertise in addressing gender-specific aspects of substance abuse addiction, youth resilience, and sustainable development. Their contributions provided valuable insights into the unique challenges faced by young women and girls in this context.

The town hall meeting served as a critical platform for fostering dialogue, sharing perspectives, and identifying potential solutions to the substance abuse crisis among Sierra Leonean youth. The WHO’s commitment to supporting these efforts underscores its dedication to promoting the health and well-being of young people across the country.