The Acting Director General of EDSA (Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority), Ing James Rogers has informed the Global Times that the intermittent supply of electricity in some parts of the Western Area is due mainly to the low level of water at the Bumbuna Dam.

Currently, he said, the Dam which is being managed by EGTC (Electricity Generation and Transmission Company) is supplying only two Megawatts (2MW) of electricity. Added to that, the Dam is to be shut down for routine maintenance.

The Acting Director General of EDSA condemned the act of destroying valuable assets of the company including transformers and cables. This, he noted, has hampered the supply of regular electricity to areas affected by this “criminal and unpatriotic act”.

Ing James Rogers clarified that the Turkish Karpowership is currently supplying maximum capacity of electricity. “We have no problem with Karpower…The problem we have is with the Bumbuna Dam…During the rainy season, Bumbuna’s capacity will increase and the supply of electricity in the Western Area will improve dramatically”, Ing Rogers clarified.

According to Global Times Newspaper, in his sixty-first Independence Anniversary message to the nation yesterday, His Excellency President Dr Julius Maada Bio said, “Masiaka, Foredugu, Mambolo, Mange, and Rokupr in the north; Moyamba Junction, Taiama, Sumbuya, Koribondo, and Sulima in the south; and, Gorahun, Boajibu, Jojoima, Mobai, and Manowa Town in the East can now boast of electricity for the first time. Bo and Kenema now have regular supply of electricity and work is ongoing on all district headquarter towns. My Government is working assiduously on more energy generation capacity for the Western Area and has invested more in refurbishing transmission and distribution assets and lines right across this nation. This is more than any Government has ever done in four years.”