Alhaji Amadu Bah popularly known as Boss La has given reasons why he never wanted Sierra Leone Entertainment Ambassador, Kao Denero to interfere in his case. He disclosed these reasons during an interview on Epic radio.

Boss La was arrested in the mid of July for alleged robbery and assault of a Sierra Leonean businessman called Osman Jalloh. He was detained at the OSD Police Headquarters (Benghazi) in Freetown. He was transferred to Criminal Investigation Department (CID) as he was waiting for trail.

During his detention at CID, the Ambassador for Investment and Entertainment, Kao Denero stepped in to see how best the case will be settled without appearing court. Few days later, Ambassador Kao Denero received a message from the management of Red Flag Muzik (RFM) that he should withdraw from the case.

During the interview, Pilot CPO asked the rapper why he didn’t want Kao Denero to defend him. He said;

“To me, it is hypocrisy big time. Because it was not a fight between entertainers but a fight between an entertainer and a businessman. You sent someone from your office to go to Osman Jallon (OJ), the businessman that I had the issue with. You sent Desmond Benya to OJ, he took a picture with him and you wrote about it on Facebook. This is the thing that have affected the industry; too much of writing.

“Musicians relied on writing on Facebook instead of doing the right thing. That was a slap to me. If you want to reach anyone in my camp, you have to reach out to me first. Because of that, my team released a statement that since he is not the Inspector General of Police, the President or a Minister, he should withdraw from the case. Your position can be taken from you at any time and give it to another person and you have no right to sack someone that you are not even paying. To me, your work is limited.”