Sierra Leonean singer, Mohamed Saccoh popularly known as K-Man has revealed the reasons why he doesn’t have a wife and his plan of getting married.

The ‘Bamboat’ hitmaker was asked by Rajah of Inside Salone if he is married. K-Man responded that he is not marry. According to him, he doesn’t want to marry and divorce with his wife. He said the work he is doing as a musician takes most of his time and he needs a woman that will understand it. He added that, 80% of his fans are female and they need his time which the wife might not accept. Another reason the singer stated is that, as a musician, he is always booked for shows and that might not be accepted by the wife as well.

The singer was also asked when he is planning to get married. He revealed that he will soon get married and he is still searching for the woman that will accept his status as a musician with female fans and going for shows at any given time.