Augustine Bona President of Fourah Bay College has spoken out as to why he has endorsed one of the Universitys’ Presidential Aspirants, Adama Sillah.

Bona said he endorsed Sillah because he believed that She was competent and capable enough for the position. 

“I would have endorsed any other candidate if it would have resonated with me that those candidates are actually very much experience. And they are competent enough to continue with the good work that we have done on campus. What we have done in less than two years, according to students has not been done by any other Students Union Government,” he said.

Bona said this in an interview with Samuel Wise Bangura in AYV’s Wake up Salone Program, where he continued to highlight some of the projects that he in his Government have entrusted with Sillah. 

Like the solar lights that were installed at the campus, and an MoU signed with the Ministry of Transport to allocate buses to the university once the procured buses of the Government of Sierra Leone arrive in the country.

According to Bona, Silla was head of the committees that saw the completion of the said projects.

Sillah and other Aspirants will be hosted later in the evening for a Presidential Debate on African Young Voices Television.

Fourah Bay College Election will take place tomorrow from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.