The CEO of Red Flag Muzik (RFM), Alhaji Amadu Bah popularly known as Boss La has given reasons why he said former President Koroma is more encouraging than President Julius Maada Bio.

The rapper made this statement in an interview on Epic Radio with Pilot CPO immediately after his released from jail for alleged robbery and assault.

During the interview, Pilot CPO drew the attention of Boss La when he released songs like This Corruption, Big Trouble Na Small Salone, Mr President plus other controversial songs against the previous government. He asked the rapper why he was never attacked during the previous government and now he is receiving attack after releasing songs like ‘Na Ya We Dae’ and ‘Complain’ against the current government.

According to Boss La;

“In Sierra Leone, the system is not design for someone being appointed or elected to be monitored by another person. In America, even the Chief Justice has someone that caution him if there is a mistake. They can even impeach their president and ban him from doing certain things.

“In Sierra Leone, as long as you are part of the cabinet, no one is able to talk over his voice. Those days, the President was very encouraging. After highlighting things in our songs, he will call us and discuss together. At the end of the day, he worked towards them. Ernest Bai Koroma was the first person who brought Kao Denero and I together. That was the time when things were very tough but he was able to bring us together.

“This government, when you say something that they feel it’s against them, they will take it personal and feel like you are exposing them.

“As a musician, I’m just highlighting things to them. What people are complaining about, are the things that we are singing about. By locking up celebrities when they say something about your government, you are making them more powerful. Things has to change.

Every promise made during campaign should be applied especially during first term to stand a chance to rule again. I sang against the past government and I was never attacked.”