Roland Ekokobe the agent of New Ittihad striker Musa Kamara, popularly known as Musa Tombo has finally broken silence on his. Kaizer Chiefs saga

“Kaizer Chiefs sent us a contract offer of two years plus one option for Musa and bought him a flight ticket,” Ekokobe told KO.

“He was on his way to Chiefs, but his passport was then withheld so that he stays back.

“These things were planned by people who were out to tarnish his name and Chiefs had to cancel that contract offer and ticket because of those guys.

“These guys from Sierra Leone called Chiefs and claimed they have a four-year contract with Musa which was non-existent.

“These are facts and Bo Rangers can show us the contract that they claim they terminated.

“Bo Rangers was asking for USD200 000 (approx. R3,4 million) transfer fee from Chiefs for a free player.

“Then they also asked USD150 000 (approx. R2,57 million) from Al Ittihad and even sent them their account details to them.

“I told Al Ittihad not to pay,” details Ekokobe.

“They were trying the impossible by even threatening the player.

“With Chiefs, the contract was for good money. I don’t want to mention numbers, but it was a good contract.

“Politicians should not be running the football, and the guys at Bo Rangers are politicians.

“Chiefs were nice with us. They begged and cried but people at Bo Rangers called Chiefs and spoke badly about the player.

“What did Bo Rangers stand to benefit from feeding Chiefs all these negative things about Musa?

What did they get now after tarnishing Musa’s name?

“You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

“I even sent a copy of Musa’s contract to Chiefs as proof of what I was telling them after he was cleared by FIFA, but they had already moved on.

“Chiefs were keen on Musa but feared what Bo Rangers were saying having been recently banned by FIFA for a similar situation with a player from Madagascar (Dax Andrianarimanana).

“I have all the respect for Chiefs because of the professional way they operate, and you cannot even compare them with a low club like Bo Rangers,” says Ekokobe.