Judges in Sierra Leone have on the 31st January, 2022 commenced a 5-day review on over a thousand cases of prisoners who were otherwise incarcerated for possible wrong reasons.

The public holds that the review will include that of Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray’s, who was granted bail last year but is till languishing in prison with very worrisome health condition.

The concerns that his latest medical examination says the is now suffering from Protracted Illness that might send him to his early grave if not flown abroad for proper medication immediately, has fueled a wide expectation that the ongoing review will take a second look at his bail condition and release him to go get proper medication.

Dr. Thaimu Buya Kamara who conducted the examination said Kamarainba has now been diagnosed with Chronic Inflammation of the Prostate Gland call in medical terms ‘Chronic Prostatitis’ and that the Ultrasound Scan further revealed that his Prostate Gland appears to have enlarge in size.

The doctor went on to say Kamarainba’s illness could be treated with antibiotics and (TRUP Surgery) Transurethral Resection of the Prostate, which cannot be one while he is still in prison.

The Judiciary Week aimed at increasing access to justice and decongesting Correctional Centres across the country.

It came following a stakeholders meeting involving the Judiciary, Sierra Leone Correctional Centres, Legal Aid Board, Office of the Director of Public Persecutions and the Sierra Leone Police where it was discovered that a good number of inmates had issues bothering on access to Justice.

The Judiciary has admitted that 532 persons were imprisoned with no admission to bail for possible bailable offences, adding that a total of 1,013 inmate would be given the opportunity to have their incarcerations reviewed and that those without indictments will be given the opportunity for their cases to the dealt with expeditiously or as the justice of case may require.

The Judiciary further revealed that out of a total number of a thousand and thirteen, a hundred and eleven of these inmates had been incarcerated awaiting trial without indictments.

According to AYV News Newspaper, it added that a hundred and thirty-eight inmates are on prolonged adjournments due to lack of empaneled jurors, a hundred and eighty-one are on bail but unable to fulfil their bail conditions to secure their release, and forty-seven still serving unjustifiable and disproportionate sentences from Magistrates with no Summary Review application in their favour.