In a gripping courtroom revelation, Sergeant Lansana Mansaray, a key witness in the ongoing Court Martial trial, testified that he courageously fired at assailants during the attempted coup attack.

Led in evidence by Colonel M.B.S Amara, Sgt. Mansaray detailed how he learned about the attack on the armoury from Military Police Lance Corporal Kargbo.

Dressed in civilian attire after a narrow escape from assailants, Kargbo informed Mansaray about the unfolding chaos at the ammunition site. Together with another officer, they approached the armoury, with Mansaray carrying a rifle taken from a colleague.

As they reached the Joint Communication Unit Gate, chaos ensued as the Military Police was attacked by a masked civilian armed with a gun. Mansaray, taking cover, fired at the assailant, inadvertently hitting the Military Police. Despite being wounded, the Military Police managed to disarm the civilian and escape.

The situation escalated when the sound of Mansaray’s shot alerted other assailants at the armoury. An RPG was fired towards Mansaray, forcing him to flee as he came face to face with the attackers. He urgently warned colleagues about the dire situation, expressing a loss of trust in anyone.

Lance Corporal Kargbo, previously shot during the scuffle, corroborated the events in his testimony. He described being shot by Mansaray while struggling with a civilian attacker. Escaping the barracks, Kargbo sought refuge at Five Battalion, where he informed Mansaray of the unfolding chaos.

The trial delved into the aftermath, detailing Kargbo’s escape, gunshot wound treatment, and subsequent hospitalization at the 34 Hospital, where gunshots still echoed. Lawyer Julian Cole conducted a rigorous cross-examination, shedding further light on the intense and chaotic events of November 25th and 26th, 2023.