An eyewitness at the scene where local music artiste, Foday Alieu, alias “Big Fish” was killed on Thursday has narrated the incident that occurred before the shooting. 

Sierraloaded previously reported how a shooting incident in Freetown on Thursday claimed the life of the local musician and left another person injured.

According to the police, a female Police officer was on duty at United Bank of Africa (UBA) when the said Big fish entered the bank premises, grabbed the gun from her, and immediately opened fire at an open space (5shots) after he started shooting randomly.

After being confronted by the military officer, Big Fish fired shot at him but with the aid of the bullet proof he survived the shot and has no other alternative at the point but to fire back at him which led to his subsequent death.

Speaking to AYV Television, the witness said He was at the bank to collect money with three others when they saw Big Fish commanding the Police officer who sat at the corner of the door with her gun. He explained that Big Fish told the lady that he wanted to kill someone today as he felt like killing someone and to achieve that he would hit her to collect her gun. (Ulram)

“He hit the lady in the head and collected her gun. He then ran with the gun down the street when many ran after him shouting thief, thief as they chase him,” the witness said.

He went on to say Big Fish started opening fire when he saw many people chasing him.

“He kept firing coming up by Lightfoot Boston Street when he met on the way a soldier walking down the same street, he shot the soldier who was protected by the bulletproof he had on, he shot at the soldier for the second time and the soldier went down to escape the bullet and that bullet hit a lady standing behind the soldier in her ear, the soldier then returned fire with two shot on the side of Big Fish which drop him dead on the floor and people gathered at the scene watching at the corpse of Big Fish,” the witness ended solemnly.