In a significant stride towards promoting the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Agenda at the grassroots level, the United Nations Women in Sierra Leone have taken a proactive approach by venturing into various districts.

With a focus on fostering localization and collaborative efforts for development, the union has initiated the “Participation and Development for Females” (PDF) project.

This forward-looking endeavor employs a comprehensive approach involving survey mapping and engaging focus group discussions. These strategies are thoughtfully orchestrated to facilitate constructive dialogues and create avenues for women’s advancement.

During ongoing focus group sessions and surveys centered around the localization and collaborative aspects of the peace project, the United Nations Women in Sierra Leone shared their enthusiasm.

Participants from the Karene district exhibited a remarkable willingness to share insights and solutions, fostering coordinated efforts and a shared vision to champion the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda.

As part of their holistic approach, the organization also orchestrated a targeted focus group discussion specifically tailored for women-led Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

During these discussions, challenges related to coordination and the implementation of women’s peace and security initiatives were candidly addressed. Notably, CSO representatives emphasized the crucial need for capacity-building across all levels to effectively advance the agenda.

The United Nations Women’s initiative in Sierra Leone signifies a promising step towards galvanizing grassroots participation, fostering collaboration, and propelling women’s active involvement in the pursuit of lasting peace and security.