Women’s Forum Sierra Leone headed by their National President, Sally N’dimawa Adams has Honored the Chief Immigration Officer (CIO), Hon. Alusine Kanneh for his generosity, hard work, dedication and support to women empowerment over the years and also congratulated him on his new appointment as the Chief Immigration Officer, calling on him to continue supporting women’s issues in the country.

National President, Women’s Forum Sierra Leone, said since the appointment of the Country’s Immigration Boss by His Excellency Rtd, Brig. Julius Maada Bio, the Women’s Forum Sierra Leone comprises over 300 women organizations across the country, have been yearning to meet with him but because of his busy schedule they were not able.

However, she added their purpose of visiting him was to congratulate him on his new appointment as the new Chief Immigration Officer and also stated that the appointment of Hon. Alusine Kanneh did not come as a surprise to them.

She continued that the CIO was not there as a surprise but it was because of his hard work, dedication and love of his country, adding that hard work also paid and for them as civil society organizations they followed-up the trend of the commitment of people of such caliber.

Sally N’dimawa Adams told Hon. Alusine Kanneh that they were there to congratulate him and also to inform him that because of his hard work over the years he has been nominated for this year’s National Women’s Forum awards on the 11th November 2023.

She intimated that for someone who has supported Women’s empowerment it was but necessary to honor Hon. Alusine Kanneh for such an enviable character displayed over the years.

“So we will award you this year not only for supporting women but also for the roles you have played in the lives of so many people across the country. And in the future we also want to collaborate with institutions like yours because we are dealing with womens’ and girls empowerment wherein we have so many activities. For example, every year we go to the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) National Conference in New York. We do go along with one or two girls and so we want this institution to be part of that” she said.

The Women’s Forum National President called on the CIO to continue his support for women and girls empowerment, noting that next year in March she would want the women from the Immigration Department to be part of the CSW National Conference to go and learn. She informed the CIO that CSW is a national platform for all women organizations across the world where countries showcase their talent.

“We are pleased to be here today to recognize you for your hard work and dedication for women empowerment over the years. This is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our unity and appreciation for the hard work and dedication of this esteemed individual” she added.

She mentioned that with passion and support of women and girls issues, the First Lady, Madam Fatima Jabbie Maada Bio was also quick to call on Hon. Alusine Kanneh responds to them and the CIO wastes no time but to respond to the call of the First Lady.

In brief, the CIO thanked and appreciated the Womens’ Forum Sierra Leone for recognizing him, stating that even before his appointment as the Chief Immigration Officer, he has been a champion of women issues across the country.

He said his doors are also open at all times to work together on women’s issues. He said this is something he is in for not only for Sierra Leone because he has been a champion for He For She campaigners, stressing that when he came to this country in 2012 he was one of the campaigners for women in terms of men abusing women in society.

He indicated that when he was in Parliament in the All People Congress (APC) era, one of his colleagues from the APC party used to call him ‘women’s champion’ and so to him it is a good thing for supporting women and he is ready at all time and as far as he has the capacity and the means to do so he will give them his own support.

He encouraged them to knock on his doors with no hesitation, whenever they wanted anything whether in his office or outside his office. He praised the First Lady, hailing her for what she stands for and because the First Lady stands for women and girls, to him it is important that he continues to give his support to women at any given time.

Source: Office of the Chief Immigration Officer.